The Daddy Issue
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4. The Trifecta


What's it like raising a child with your husband, and your best friend? We talk to Nevlynn who has done just that, co-parenting his daughter with his husband and childhood best friend.

Nevlynn (he/him) recalls when he was around 18 that he and his best friend Linda made a pact: fail to find a husband, and they'll have kids together, blisfully unaware they'd just agreed to co-parent before co-parenting was even a thing.

While we all make promises when we're young about hypothetical futures we may face, it's rare we actually keep all of them, but Nevelynn and Linda did just that... there was only one difference: Nevelynn was married and Chris had no idea about the pact until Linda and Nevelynn brought it up on car ride, which ended with them walking home.

Years later though, after being exposed to many birthday parties, weddings witnessing friends and family settling down and starting their own family, Chris' "ovaries" began to tingle (as Nevlynn put it) and decided that he did indeed want to become a father, but only via a family construct that garaunteed the child would have a mother.

"I can talk to Linda" was Nevelynns response, and not too long after that the three where beginning their journey to co-parenting.

Five years later the three of them are a blended co-parenting family sharing a daughter together alongside their friendships. If you're interested in Nevelynn, Chris and Linda's story - you can listen to the episode via the player below, or via your favourite podcasting app.