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9. Surrogacy: Journey Into Gay Fatherhood


This week we’re talking to Sjors, about his journey toward becoming a gay father alongside his partner. Their journey wasn’t an easy one, and it took them down many paths - but ultimately they got to where they wanted to be. This isn’t the fairytale you perhaps wanted to hear, but it’s an important listen to anyone considering becoming a parent, especially gay men looking to to have children via surrogacy (in any form).

You can learn more about Sjors journey via their website, translated for you here. More links are included below, including links to Sjors counselling service, Studio Kinderwens.

Trigger Warning: This weeks episode discusses the subject of miscarriage. If you are struggling with this issue please seek professional help. We’ve included some links below which may assist you in this.

Some names in this episode have been changed to protect identities.





Sjors, owner of Studio Kinderwens, appeared as a guest on this episode voluntarily, without payment or any financial contribution from either party. The collaboration was solely based on the shared goal of providing education and support to the LGBTQ+ community on parenthood. We appreciate Sjors' time and contribution to the episode.